Blogiversary Give-Away

I'm back! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, I sure did. It was busy in a good way. Can you believe this is HISsparrowBlog's second anniversary? I can't. It was just yesterday - I know it was - that I felt led to start it. I guess I'm wrong about the time that's... Continue Reading →

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Messiah Prophesied: A Child is Born

I love this time of year: Christmas lights, get-togethers, hot chocolate; but my appreciation has grown as I've gotten older. Like most children, I was enamored with all the presents. I knew Christmas was about more, but it's difficult to see past the material, especially as a child. As I think on the reason for... Continue Reading →

True Love

I've seen several articles this week about TLC cutting ties with Derick Dillard (Jill Dillard's husband from Counting On). Twitter comments were cited where he verbally attacked Jazz Jennings. Jazz is the teenage star of the TLC reality show I Am Jazz, which chronicles his struggles growing up transgender and getting ready to undergo gender... Continue Reading →

Personality and the Bible (And 5 Tips for Both Types)

Personality is so interesting to me. Why do people do what they do? This interest has helped me a lot in relationships. The first year Randy and I were married I remember having a conversation about something - I can't remember what - and I distinctly remember my response to what he said: "I can't... Continue Reading →

Yet Again

I had given up posting an article this week. I must have started four or five different topics only to write a few paragraphs and hit delete. Nothing was working. Finally, struggling with self-doubt and feeling lazy, I decided it wasn't happening this time. I have this struggle a lot. I could tell you how... Continue Reading →

My 10+ Must-Reads

Do you have specific memories from your past? You know, where you remember the time, the place, the feeling or thoughts of the moment like it was two days ago? Well, reading is not one of those things for me. I've loved to read as long as I can remember, but I have no idea... Continue Reading →

4 Things Difficult People Have Taught Me

Nothing in my up-bringing or education taught me how to deal with a difficult person (AKA narcissistic or toxic). The kind of person you'd have to meet in person to really believe there is such a person. Subconsciously I think, I thought I could control how others treated me by being assertive but nice. If... Continue Reading →

Fighting for Innocence

Imagine you're trapped. A world of drugs, sex, exploitation, violence, degradation, long labor-filled days, and despair is your reality. You crave freedom, but you don't see a way out. What's more, you don't think anyone cares. For us, this kind of world is unimaginable, but it's horrifically unavoidable for the millions of men, women, and... Continue Reading →

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