WHAT IS an affiliate program?

I’m an affiliate of PureFlix and BOOKSAMILLION.COM. What’s that mean?

Funny you should ask. I wondered the same thing not that long ago. It’s where someone like me agrees to promote something – products, services, etc. – for a commission.

Say I find this awesome book. Of course, I want to share it with you. If you decide to buy it and click the link I post for it, that website will track what you buy and give me a percentage.


If you click a link for a product, your actions at PureFlix and BOOKSAMILLION.COM will be monitored. However, your personal information (name, address, etc.) is not tracked. There’s a code in the link identifiable to my site so I get credit.

Rest assured. It isn’t a scam.

You aren’t charged anything extra for going through my site. If the product should have cost $19.99, then you’ll pay $19.99 regardless (before tax, shipping, and such you would pay otherwise). 

You won’t receive extra emails from PureFlix or BOOKSAMILLION.COM by following my links – unless you ask for them after buying something. And you can always unsubscribe should you sign up and change your mind.

I only list products on my site that I believe in. I haven’t been asked to review these items. Books I have read. Movies I have watched. I just want to share with you items that have helped me.

There may be other places you can get a cheaper price on items. By all means, friend, you purchase them (if you want them at all) wherever you see fit.

Thank you very much!


Should you decide to join the HISsparrowBlog community, rest assured your personal information will stay just that – personal.


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